The Wineries of Texas Are Unexpected

Texas, we generally associate Texas with sumptuous barbeque and seafood. But, the wineries of Texas are among the best in the US. Most people don’t know about the incredible wineries of the state, but slowly the wineries of Texas are getting recognized by the wine lovers. The conditions and soil of Texas are perfect for the vineyards. There are around 75 wineries in different regions of the state, making it a high drive to relax and enjoy the scenery. The landscape of Texas is a treat in itself, and these wineries are the perfect addition to the scene.

Starting with Austin

Austin is the perfect place to begin your Texas wineries exploration trip. The metropolitan is famous for its great live musicians and irresistible food trucks. The wine scene of the city hasn’t become the centre of attraction, as it should have been. The capital city has several incredible bars and wineries, which make the food scene of the city better. Before getting on the journey of exploring the wineries of the state, you should first taste the wines. Austin is for knowing the product before identifying the source of the product.

Bell Springs Winery

About 40 minutes drive from Austin lies the Bell Springs Winery. The perfect place to relax and sip in a glass or two of fantastic wines that the Winery specializes in. Needy bitch, one of the specialities of the area, was named on a winery dog. The wine goes perfectly with the smoked meat and cheese, allowing you to taste some of the specialities of the land. If you’re lucky enough to visit the Winery on the weekend, you can also witness the live music while sipping in your drink.

Lake Travis

Not far from Austin in the northwest direction lies the beautiful and relaxing Lake Travis. The Creek estate vineyard which is spread over 75 acres of land around the Lake Travis is one of the most beautiful vineyards you’ll ever see. The vineyard allows the visitors to check out the vineyard. The creek estate vineyard is a great picnic spot for the families too. If you’re on a winery trip and don’t experience the three-course food at the vine, you can’t commit a more significant mistake than that. The menu includes all the exclusive wines along with the sumptuous meal. The Creek estate vineyard has also won numerous international awards for its wine.

Hill Country and Wine Road

At about one and a half an hour drive from the Creek estate vineyard in the north, you’ll find the Fall Creek vineyards. The oldest vine in the hill country, the beauty of Fall Creek can leave you spellbound. Located on the sidelines of Lake Buchanan, the vineyard has the perfect soil and conditions to grow some of the most excellent wines in the area. The Winery also hosts a harvest festival in which the visitors get a chance to mash the particular grapes with their feet.  Any wine trip is incomplete if you don’t drive on the Wine Road of Hill country. About 60 miles from the Fall Creek vineyard, you’ll witness the wine Road which has over ten wineries. The 30-mile drive will be one of the best trips of your life if you’re a wine lover.