The State of Texas and Television

Texas has played a major part in many television series. The State attracts large characters and their personalities are tailor made for television, and the industries of ranching and oil are also perfect for story lines.

Maybe one of the most popular television series ever was Dallas. Set around the heart of the oil industry and the Ewing family, the series kept audiences glue to their screens with the development of the plots and the sub plots.

The Dallas cast fronted by JR Ewing

The series had an abundance of first rate actors and many enhanced their reputation with the development of their characters. There was none more well-known than Larry Hagman, who played JR Ewing the pantomime villain of the series, always seeming to be in the middle of underhand plots.

When JR was shot the episode of “Who shot JR?”, it attracted the second largest television audience ever. The series lasted for 14 seasons between 1978 and 1991 with many tourists today visiting the State also opt to see the locations, such as Cloyse Box Ranch in Fresco Texas.

Friday Night Lights is a series that follows Texans great passion and that is football. It is set in the fictional town of Dillon in Texas and follows the story of a successful high school football side on a journey that sees the town suffer a tragedy.

As well as feeding the Texans passion for football it also deals with the many issues that occur in small Texas communities. It is able to deal with the everyday lives of normal Texans that doesn’t include the oil or cattle community.

A series that really boasted its Texan heritage was “Trackdown”. Set in the cowboy community the show opened with a map and a flag of the State. The show was based around the daily activities of cowboys but also dealt with bounty hunters and the show was where a young Steve McQueen first appeared on television.

Chuck Norris pictured as Walker

Another series that followed the paths of the cowboy was “Walker, Texas Ranger”, but it was the modern-day cowboy that was followed. With a link with American football, agriculture and macho men it has proved popular among Texans. Chuck Norris plays the starring role and he shares being stylish with being talented at martial arts.

A series set in Houston that did not follow the traditional image of the State was “Reba”. The adventures of a divorced mother, the series deals with all types of issues, including the story of failed young football star Van who has difficulties coming to terms with moving forward in his life.

Texas has even be featured in the animated series “King of the Hill”. Based on a fictional town called Arlen the writers specialize in mocking the characters in the show that are typically Texan. In fact the series is based on a suburb of Texas so many of the characters are related to the city’s oil industry.

The state of Texas has the ability to unearth story lines and maybe this a reason why many television series have been set there.