The Record Store Day in Texas


Vinyl lovers can be more excited for just one special day annually. Every year the Record Store Day takes a place worldwide during April, and so that happens in Texas also. For some fans, this occasion is more important than Christmas. The L.A. Times in the USA published an article in 2011 that pretty much describes the importance of the Record Store Day for the record stores around the corner. If you believed that the vinyl record had deteriorated into a relic ten years ago, the situation of today is very different. The sales have been increasing steadily so far. That partly due to significant publications and the Record Store Day, which promotes them worldwide.

The Independent Record Stores Celebrate Their Culture

More than 3,000 independent record shops around the world made this day the “biggest music event in the world”. Around 500 exclusive releases offer a program when every vinyl fan can discover and buy something for themselves. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more channels of media are focusing on this event and carrying the message of the joy of black and colored vinyl out into the world. The record stores, numerous concerts, and parties in the area, make the Record Store Day a steady source of inspiration for music culture. That applies not only locally but also regionally, as a result, the state of Texas is a great example.

13 Years of Record Store Day

This important day for the record industry was invented in 2007. The original idea was put into practice by Michael Kurtz and a handful of vinyl freaks. The idea is that the numerous independent record stores offer their customers particularly high-quality and rare publications and specials. These include, for example, special editions, limited editions, unpublished records, and compilations. These were specially produced for Record Store Day and then only offered there. Concerts and meet & greet events provide the necessary promotion. Eventually, the small marketing campaign was developed into an international event. Countries such as the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and even Hong Kong are already participating in the Record Store Day.

13 Years of Record Store Day
13 Years of Record Store Day

There Are Three Dates This Year

This year the organizers were faced with an extraordinary challenge. To do justice to this, they decided to make the Record Store Day three days later that usually. This time, the event will take place on three different dates so the crowds at the record stores will not get too big. On August 29th, September 26th, and October 24th it will take places in clearly laid out Street Days. The organizers adapt the list of publications to the new situation. The concerts, parties, and events surrounding the Record Store Day take a back seat this time to ensure the desired security for all participants. A total of 58 record stores are participating in Texas. They will do everything they can to make Record Store Day of 2020 as a great event for all vinyl lovers.