Music Festivals in Texas – Desert Groves

There is enough, that is covered in Hollywood movies. The place is usually described as a place where guns, criminals and desert heat is provided by the plentiful. With many desert-like landscapes to view throughout the state, Texas is commonly described as the wild west. However, even with the sturdy and unbreakable front that the state displays, it is an incredibly lively place with festivals and parties known to take place almost every month in every year. Texas is known to be the place to go for all of the biggest celebrations, especially music festivals. Included in the list below are some of the top music festivals that are available for the party animal in you.

Austin City Limits Music Festival

This music festival is considered to be among one of the most popular and most visited venues in Texas. The show consists of 130 bands on eight different stages that take place through two weekends. Popular among those who prefer a wide range of genres of music, this festival is so popular that the organization in charge added a second weekend to the original duration of the performances. Which resulted in the tickets for the show selling out again and again. The Austin city limits music takes place in the city of Austin where it just celebrated its second decade of performances.

Neon Desert Music Festival

Taking place on the memorial day weekend the Neon Desert Music Festival includes a wide range of party music and electronic tunes to spice up the festival. With over 30,000 fans and visitors joining the party each year, this celebration is known to be a big hit among many. Each time the festival has been conducted, there have been new and unheard of artists and their music, usually ranging from EDM, Indie rock and Hip-hop, creating the perfect party atmosphere.

Levitation Music Festival

Taking place in November, the Levitation Music Festival is one of the many music festivals that take place in the city of Austin. With tickets for the 2018 venue completely sold out, the latest festivals are aiming to achieve a more creative way in entertaining audiences and also explore ways in which the festival will expand. The festival itself is known to be intense when it comes to music, as folk music and funk music is a familiar genre people listen to around the Texas cities. The festival also hosts an entire multitude of food trucks and vendor tents that can cater food to your every taste, be it alcohol or the spiciest food you can ever imagine. 

River City Rockfest

Taking place in San Antonio, the River City Rockfest is a celebration that occurs in September. The duration of this festival is over the course of a single day, in which the most prominent names of rock music are invited to perform at the AT&T center that is located, San Antonio. Some of the most famous bands that previously played in the festival include big-time groups such as Guns N’ Roses, and Linkin Park.