How to Experience a True Texan Barbecue in Texas

If you love live music and irresistible barbecue, take a flight from wherever you are, and land in Texas. There are not many places on the global map that can challenge Texas when it comes to barbecues. Texans are known for providing you with the ‘big’ experience. Everything in the state is big, from the size of the barbecue to the size of wine glasses. The Texans are also big at heart. Their hospitality is famous in all of America. The exciting thing about Texan barbeque is that it has welcomed all the new flavours that the Texan immigrants have brought with them to the state. Everyone should experience the authentic Texan barbecue at least once in their lives. Here’s a guide to how you can taste the best barbecues of different cities of Texas on a drive through the state.

Starting with the capital

Most of the prominent cities of the world have a flight to Austin. So, starting your barbecue experience with Austin would only be fair. Rent a car from here for the rest of your trip. Live music is a thing in Austin. If you’re a live music lover, you will enjoy Austin. Start your barbecue experience at Iron Works, and try all the different barbeques, and sauces available here. Don’t forget to get some sauce for your home. Franklin Barbecue must be your next point on the Austin trip, but try to get there as soon as possible, because there’s always a long line outside it waiting for their turn to eat.

  1. Taylor – At about an hour drive from Austin, lies the city of Taylor. European immigrants have influenced the barbecue of this city a lot. Louie Mueller restaurant is famous for its sumptuous briskets, mostly eaten with Texan beans. The restaurant has been around for about 70 years. Try a meal at the restaurant before going ahead on the journey.
  2. Elgin – This small town is famous for its sausages. Located at about half an hour drive from Taylor, Elgin will provide you with perfect small country town experience. To try some of the best sausages, you should go directly to the Southside Market. It is famous for its hot sausages in all of Texas. Meyer’s Smokehouse is another eatery in Elgin that you should not miss.
  3. Driftwood – Driftwood is about 80 km from Elgin. For an authentic Texan barbecue experience, visit the fantastic restaurant, Salt Lick in Driftwood. You’d see barbecue getting prepared in front of your eyes on an open fire. Driftwood is also known for its hospitality and wineries. Do try some of the local wine flavours with your barbecue.
  4. Luling – Luling is a small town at about 75 minutes drive from Driftwood. The city market of Luling is full of eateries offering the best barbecues in the area. Briskets, ribs, and sausages are the most popular barbecue dishes in the town. Luling is also famous for its watermelon Festival. So, do carry a watermelon from the city to eat afterwards.
  5. San Antonio – One hour away from Luling is San Antonio, the famous Texan city. San Antonio would be the perfect final stop on your barbecue journey. Texas Pride is one renowned barbecue restaurant that you should not miss on your barbecue trip at any cost. Along with the barbecue, this restaurant also offers you a relaxing pool experience.