Horror Locations You Must Visit in Texas – Texas for the Brave

Haunted houses are an excellent way to spice up your holiday on any occasion. Whether you are with your friends, partner or family, haunted houses have something for everyone. However, these haunted houses in Texas are anything but fun; they are the real deal. Homes that have been around for a long time have experienced a lot more misfortune and evil, that is what folklore and myths say about houses. Although many don’t believe in ghosts and demons, some think that many things can represent evil. In this case, the carnivals in Texas is represented by seven haunted houses at festivals that may make you never look at a doll the same way again.

Screams Halloween Theme Park

This carnival is anything but fun. Instead, it is blood-curdling. If you are set to take the challenge, cross through give differently themed haunted houses. You can only hope that you can get past the blood-curdling screams and creepy setting. In fact, due to the carnival celebrating its 23rd scaring year, the masterminds behind the scared have come up with new ways for people to achieve a fit of terror and fear. The most popular and most terrifying act in these haunted houses is when you find yourself facing off against a zombie who wants to eat you for dessert.

Captain Barbarossa’s Blood Harbour

Once completed with the first haunted house, make your way to the second haunted houses titled ‘Captain Barbarossa’s Blood Harbour.’ Where you will face one of your worst nightmares at a hotel. You will find guests who never survived their hotel rooms lurking in the hallways and hear screams to chill you to the bone. But whatever happens, don’t look back as there may be someone following you. If you decide to, break away from all the shrieking and the heart-stopping scares that take place in the privacy and seclusion of the spooky house, make your way to a scary-oke. This is where you can compete against others to win the competition. If you’re not up to the challenge, feel free to sit back and enjoy the show while others sing and participate in the scary-oke.

The House of Torment

This haunted house is another famous and extremely scary zone, but instead of haunted hotel rooms and zombies, you battle against some of the most nightmarish creatures. Clowns and people with chainsaws are typical in this zone along with continuous shrieking and shouting, this house will be the last among your list of homes to visit, during this festival. However, this house not only caters to the most horrific costumes you have ever seen but also provides to your deepest and darkest fears. Reviews show that this house in the carnival is considered the scariest and most realistic, sometimes leaving people speechless and unable to scream. Some also found themselves facing something so frightening that they requested to be released from the house early. The House of Torment was named the No. 1 haunted house in America, and for a good reason.