Texas Pride: Hot Chili Stew

Texas Pride Hot Chili Stew

Traditionally, hot pepper stew came from Mexico, but is linked with Texas a lot, and the women who sold these peppers in the local markets were called chili queens. Some people like this stew spicy, while others prefer it softer, someone eats it with potatoes, and others prepare it without beans. However, in any case,…

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The Record Store Day in Texas


Vinyl lovers can be more excited for just one special day annually. Every year the Record Store Day takes a place worldwide during April, and so that happens in Texas also. For some fans, this occasion is more important than Christmas. The L.A. Times in the USA published an article in 2011 that pretty much…

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How to Experience a True Texan Barbecue in Texas

If you love live music and irresistible barbecue, take a flight from wherever you are, and land in Texas. There are not many places on the global map that can challenge Texas when it comes to barbecues. Texans are known for providing you with the ‘big’ experience. Everything in the state is big, from the…

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The Wineries of Texas Are Unexpected

Texas, we generally associate Texas with sumptuous barbeque and seafood. But, the wineries of Texas are among the best in the US. Most people don’t know about the incredible wineries of the state, but slowly the wineries of Texas are getting recognized by the wine lovers. The conditions and soil of Texas are perfect for…

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Weird Laws in Texas – Travelling to Texas

The Lone Star state of Texas is known for a lot of things – their great dessert terrain, the iconic Southern accents, comforting food, and home of cowboys and rangers. The hometown of Dr. Pepper soda is known to have a geographical expanse larger than any European country and holds the second largest population in…

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Music Festivals in Texas – Desert Groves

There is enough, that is covered in Hollywood movies. The place is usually described as a place where guns, criminals and desert heat is provided by the plentiful. With many desert-like landscapes to view throughout the state, Texas is commonly described as the wild west. However, even with the sturdy and unbreakable front that the…

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The Shopping Malls of Texas

In 1931 the Highland Park Village first opened its doors in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex to become the first shopping center in the United States. It is now an upmarket shopping plaza that is still in operation and Texas is home to some of the largest shopping malls in the world. The largest mall in…

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Travelling around Texas

The state of Texas is so large that just traveling around the region can be a great task that requires extensive organization. Just the sheer size of the area means that there are some places where the infrastructure is sparse, so different methods of transport are needed in order to reach certain places. The state…

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