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The Chronicles: Reliving My Journey into Home Inspection

A picture of me as a home inspector on Long Island

My journey into home inspection began over 2 decades ago. I knew that I had an interest in real estate but did not know the exact career that will give me fulfillment. I decided to ask a friend of my Dad who co-incidentally ran a Long Island Home Inspection Company. He was honest in sharing the pros and cons about the business but he felt it was a course that I could pursue. I gave deep thoughts to his counsel and decided to follow the Home inspection path. In all honesty, I thought I would be inspecting homes on Long Island for a maximum of 6 months but I have clocked over 10 years in this Career. I have enjoyed every moment and will not trade it for any experience in the world.

The average Long Island home inspector gets the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry. It is easy to discover that no one who truly carries out this work with passion loses out on the good life. You will make friends, make money and build a name that will speak in posterity. There are simple rules to follow if anyone wants to stand out in this business. One of the cardinal rules is to work with integrity. It pays both in immediate terms and will keep paying you over the duration of your career. Another important aspect is the openness to learn from those who are ahead of you.

I have been fortunate in my career as a home inspector to handle various home inspections in Long Island. It has exposed me to the best equipments in the field such as Thermal imaging. I remember the first time I carried out a home inspection with Thermal imaging; it was a breeze. I could take all the shots I needed without interfering with those who were living in the house. This was a turning point in the way I carried out my job and I do not want to go back to the old ways of home inspection. I believe that this advancement in technology must be embraced with speed in order to deliver real value to the client.

picture of a cartoon inspectorWhen I look back at how the journey in Home inspection began for me, I am always filled with gratitude. At the onset, the money was not rolling in as it is today but I found peace because I was doing what I love. As my career progressed, I could not believe how much financial reward I was getting for doing the things I love. This is why I advise every young person to follow the flames in their heart. Life has a way of rewarding us when we commit to do the things that truly matter to our heart.

I was privileged to work with a company in Long Island that showed me the rudiments of the Home inspection service industry. As a way of helping the younger ones, I try to run seminars to show them the basics for a successful life as a home inspector. I believe that this career is something that is worth pursuing for those who feel called to it. I will keep standing as a strong crusader for everything that the home inspection industry represents.

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