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Celebrating an Icon in the Home Inspection Business

There are few people that have been able to touch many lives like Charles Grimes Sr. He was the co-owner of the Long Island home inspection pros along with his son Charles Jr. In my early days as a home inspector in Long Island, Charles Grimes Sr. told me that there is nothing that can stop me from reaching the top of my career. He said that he realized that I have the fire in my soul to achieve many great things. He shared things about customer service, how to stay in the long haul in the business, how to build a global brand and so much more. Sitting with Charles Sr. was the best thing that could happen to anyone who wanted to make it in the home inspection business.

Charles Grimes - Owner of Long Island Home Inspection ProsAs I studied his organization, I discovered that this Long Island company was the only one that allowed their staff to be creative while delivering service to its customers. Charles Sr. did not bottle anyone and he tried to create a system that allows people to grow into entrepreneurs. It is not surprised that about 60% of the business owners in Long Island have a thing or two to do with him. He was simply a colossus that charted the way for a new breed of business leaders to arise. One of the things he did that made a strong impression in my heart is that he allowed each staff to share something new at their management meetings. Charles Sr. believed that everyone can play a part in making their business successful.

His leadership style made me understand that as long as I believe in people, there is nothing that can stop me from reaching for the stars. As I sit back to analyze the important lessons that I have learned, there are two that completely stand out. The first is his advice that if I want to build a great Home inspection business that I must marry a good wife. I was surprised at this suggestion because I did not see the co-relation between romance and business. With the benefit of hindsight, I can affirm that Charles Sr. was right. My Wife helped me to grow my business from a lowly home inspection business to one of the most powerful brands in the Eastern part of the United States.

When I looked at the Long Island home inspection – Yahoo Finance, I discovered that few companies matched the influence of Charles Sr. He helped to open the industry and made everyone take note of the various home inspection businesses. One of the first awards that was instituted in the industry was the brainchild of Charles Sr. Words will fail me to talk about the great things he did as a philanthropist. It is on record that he was one of the first people that mooted the idea of starting a Long Island home inspection training school. Based on the many things and lives that this man touched, he is surely a great man that will be missed by many.

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