Dumpster Rental

I began my working career in a Dumpster and Roll Off Container Rental Company in Long Island. I was a greenhorn who was simply unaware of many of the realities that come with working in an organization. The lessons I gleaned in my early days while working for this firm helped me to become who I am today. On my first day at work, I was put in charge of the renting container & Long Island dumpster rental and leasing units and this meant that I had to work hard and get my hands dirty from the first day! It was not long before my responsibilities were increased from not only making delivery but also handling other things within the company. This experience marked the first time I was making it on the sweat of my brow!

A picture of the Long Island yard that we shipped out dumpster rentals fromThe tutorial I got at this dumpster rental company not only taught me many life lessons; it helped me understand the value of a hard day’s work and what it means to earn a dollar. My Supervisor ensured that I got a thorough drilling as he kept emphasizing that I will appreciate some of the virtues he is trying to instill in me later in life. He put me on a schedule that made me one of the first to get to work and one of the last people to leave. At the time, it seemed like a grueling experience from a mean-spirited boss. I saw no good in the exercise but with the benefit of hindsight; I am full of gratitude for the training.

The business side of things was an interesting curve for me. I had to work on weekends with the sales team and this helped me grasp the basics about renting dumpsters in Long Island. I understood the need to ensure that the customers were completely satisfied. Beyond the time I spent with the sales team, I was given some other assignments that made me work with virtually all the departments in the company. Over time, I discovered that my body was conditioned to sleeping for very short hours. I got the optimal rest I needed and nothing more. I was primed to fulfill the responsibilities given to me.

An experience I will not forget in haste was my attendance of the Company’s end of year party. I was asked to prepare a speech on behalf of other new intakes which will capture all what I have learned in my first year at work. This came as a huge surprise and challenge to me. Prior to the time, I had never prepared any speech nor spoken at a public event. I decided to speak from my heart as I highlighted the pros and cons of working in the organization. The good points and how I have developed as a well-rounded individual surpassed the negatives.

I know so much about how Long Island dumpster rentals operate due to my time in this great company. In a sense, I consider the training I got at the firm as my most important MBA crash course. There is no aspect of life, business and human relations that I did not develop during my time working with this dumpster rental company in Long Island.