Austin, Business

I am Joseph Lever! The experiences that I have gleaned in my various travels and life moments have been all-encompassing. My passion has been to build a business that gives me the rush of adrenaline each morning. I found it by starting my Austin Food Trailer business. I have looked back at the times as I kept looking for ways to share my knowledge with others. This blog holds the answer to that desire but I promise not to bore you. It will not just talk about my Food trailer projects but will discuss the various interesting places that I have visited across the United States.

The flow of energy that comes from speaking to you from my soul is unmatched. I know that this will bring the gusto and verve that will keep us going through various seasons. Life can be a drag when we choose not to be upbeat about the future. On the other hand, we can miss the magic moments if we do not appreciate past events. I will try to bring a rich blend with each post and help you step into a new league. The voice of merriment, novelty, learning and expertise will be shining through the various posts that will be shared.

I will like to ask that you fully participate in the things that I will do on this blog. It is not just a place where you can express your heart; it can serve as a channel where you can meet new buddies. The goal of this blog is to take away the seriousness of business and give you something to cheer. I have been to many places and I know what a merry heart can do to a soul. My focus will be to help you look to the bright side at each turn as we go on this journey. I heartily welcome you to my blog.