Bail Bondsman

When I look back at my time at the Bail Bonds Bros organization, it usually fills my heart with gladness. I remember my first day at work. I walked into the office and was given a seat at the reception. The manager walked up to me and asked my name. I told him – I am Joseph Lever. He smiled and said that he loved the sound of my name. I believe that was the turning point in my career because he gave me so many opportunities to grow. I worked in the three offices of the organization at El Paso, Lubbock, and Houston. Each location gave me so many reasons to be filled with gratitude. My mastery of running an efficient Texas Bail Bonds service comes from my time in this company. I had risen to very high managerial rank before I decided to pursue other interests.

Bail Bonds CompanyEveryone that I met at The Bail Bonds Bros played a huge role in making me what I am. At the time, I had not attended College, but it was one of the dreams I had in my heart. My first three months seemed to be counseling sessions because my boss kept telling me about the importance of education. He said that if I want to start my company in the future, it will give me leverage. Over time, I saw reason with what he told me, and I decided to enroll for a part-time course in Business Management. This single move led to the increase in my take home pay and different assignments at work. At first, I was the head of accounts in the El Paso office. I worked in this role for two years before I was moved to Lubbock.

The new position made me supervise the daily activities at the location, and it was quite demanding. One of the greatest joys was when I was sent to the Houston office. I began to build my social life at this point, and I met the love of my life. I believe that if I had not worked for this company, the story of my life would be completely different. As time went on, my business became a household name as far as El Paso Bail Bonds service is concerned. This unique place meant that every staff that worked for the organization was duly rewarded. I was able to build a decent life based on the income that I made while working at this company.

Another benefit of my work is that I got to counsel many families. No matter how grim the situation looked, I showed them that there is hope. Most of them became close friends, and some of the relationships still stand till date. When I turned 60, I knew it was time to move on. I thanked everyone at this company for the excellent experiences and promised that I will always keep in touch. The first months after work were quite annoying because I was used to a very active life. I decided to start a new business to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur.