Bail Bondsman

When I look back at my time at the Bail Bonds Bros organization, it usually fills my heart with gladness. I remember my first day at work. I walked into the office and was given a seat at the reception. The manager walked up to me and asked my name. I told him – I am Joseph Lever. He smiled and said that he loved the sound of my name. I believe that was the turning point in my career because he gave me so many opportunities to grow. I worked in the three offices of the organization at El Paso, Lubbock, and Houston. Each location gave me so many reasons to be filled with gratitude. My mastery of running an efficient Texas Bail Bonds service comes from my time in this company. I had risen to very high managerial rank before I decided to pursue other interests.

Bail Bonds CompanyEveryone that I met at The Bail Bonds Bros played a huge role in making me what I am. At the time, I had not attended College, but it was one of the dreams I had in my heart. My first three months seemed to be counseling sessions because my boss kept telling me about the importance of education. He said that if I want to start my company in the future, it will give me leverage. Over time, I saw reason with what he told me, and I decided to enroll for a part-time course in Business Management. This single move led to the increase in my take home pay and different assignments at work. At first, I was the head of accounts in the El Paso office. I worked in this role for two years before I was moved to Lubbock.

The new position made me supervise the daily activities at the location, and it was quite demanding. One of the greatest joys was when I was sent to the Houston office. I began to build my social life at this point, and I met the love of my life. I believe that if I had not worked for this company, the story of my life would be completely different. As time went on, my business became a household name as far as El Paso Bail Bonds service is concerned. This unique place meant that every staff that worked for the organization was duly rewarded. I was able to build a decent life based on the income that I made while working at this company.

Another benefit of my work is that I got to counsel many families. No matter how grim the situation looked, I showed them that there is hope. Most of them became close friends, and some of the relationships still stand till date. When I turned 60, I knew it was time to move on. I thanked everyone at this company for the excellent experiences and promised that I will always keep in touch. The first months after work were quite annoying because I was used to a very active life. I decided to start a new business to fulfill my lifelong dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

Home Inspector

There are few people that have been able to touch many lives like Charles Grimes Sr. He was the co-owner of the Long Island home inspection pros along with his son Charles Jr. In my early days as a home inspector in Long Island, Charles Grimes Sr. told me that there is nothing that can stop me from reaching the top of my career. He said that he realized that I have the fire in my soul to achieve many great things. He shared things about customer service, how to stay in the long haul in the business, how to build a global brand and so much more. Sitting with Charles Sr. was the best thing that could happen to anyone who wanted to make it in the home inspection business.

Charles Grimes - Owner of Long Island Home Inspection ProsAs I studied his organization, I discovered that this Long Island company was the only one that allowed their staff to be creative while delivering service to its customers. Charles Sr. did not bottle anyone and he tried to create a system that allows people to grow into entrepreneurs. It is not surprised that about 60% of the business owners in Long Island have a thing or two to do with him. He was simply a colossus that charted the way for a new breed of business leaders to arise. One of the things he did that made a strong impression in my heart is that he allowed each staff to share something new at their management meetings. Charles Sr. believed that everyone can play a part in making their business successful.

His leadership style made me understand that as long as I believe in people, there is nothing that can stop me from reaching for the stars. As I sit back to analyze the important lessons that I have learned, there are two that completely stand out. The first is his advice that if I want to build a great Home inspection business that I must marry a good wife. I was surprised at this suggestion because I did not see the co-relation between romance and business. With the benefit of hindsight, I can affirm that Charles Sr. was right. My Wife helped me to grow my business from a lowly home inspection business to one of the most powerful brands in the Eastern part of the United States.

When I looked at the Long Island home inspection – Yahoo Finance, I discovered that few companies matched the influence of Charles Sr. He helped to open the industry and made everyone take note of the various home inspection businesses. One of the first awards that was instituted in the industry was the brainchild of Charles Sr. Words will fail me to talk about the great things he did as a philanthropist. It is on record that he was one of the first people that mooted the idea of starting a Long Island home inspection training school. Based on the many things and lives that this man touched, he is surely a great man that will be missed by many.

Dumpster Rental

I began my working career in a Dumpster and Roll Off Container Rental Company in Long Island. I was a greenhorn who was simply unaware of many of the realities that come with working in an organization. The lessons I gleaned in my early days while working for this firm helped me to become who I am today. On my first day at work, I was put in charge of the renting container & Long Island dumpster rental and leasing units and this meant that I had to work hard and get my hands dirty from the first day! It was not long before my responsibilities were increased from not only making delivery but also handling other things within the company. This experience marked the first time I was making it on the sweat of my brow!

A picture of the Long Island yard that we shipped out dumpster rentals fromThe tutorial I got at this dumpster rental company not only taught me many life lessons; it helped me understand the value of a hard day’s work and what it means to earn a dollar. My Supervisor ensured that I got a thorough drilling as he kept emphasizing that I will appreciate some of the virtues he is trying to instill in me later in life. He put me on a schedule that made me one of the first to get to work and one of the last people to leave. At the time, it seemed like a grueling experience from a mean-spirited boss. I saw no good in the exercise but with the benefit of hindsight; I am full of gratitude for the training.

The business side of things was an interesting curve for me. I had to work on weekends with the sales team and this helped me grasp the basics about renting dumpsters in Long Island. I understood the need to ensure that the customers were completely satisfied. Beyond the time I spent with the sales team, I was given some other assignments that made me work with virtually all the departments in the company. Over time, I discovered that my body was conditioned to sleeping for very short hours. I got the optimal rest I needed and nothing more. I was primed to fulfill the responsibilities given to me.

An experience I will not forget in haste was my attendance of the Company’s end of year party. I was asked to prepare a speech on behalf of other new intakes which will capture all what I have learned in my first year at work. This came as a huge surprise and challenge to me. Prior to the time, I had never prepared any speech nor spoken at a public event. I decided to speak from my heart as I highlighted the pros and cons of working in the organization. The good points and how I have developed as a well-rounded individual surpassed the negatives.

I know so much about how Long Island dumpster rentals operate due to my time in this great company. In a sense, I consider the training I got at the firm as my most important MBA crash course. There is no aspect of life, business and human relations that I did not develop during my time working with this dumpster rental company in Long Island.

Home Inspection

A picture of me as a home inspector on Long Island

My journey into home inspection began over 2 decades ago. I knew that I had an interest in real estate but did not know the exact career that will give me fulfillment. I decided to ask a friend of my Dad who co-incidentally ran a Long Island Home Inspection Company. He was honest in sharing the pros and cons about the business but he felt it was a course that I could pursue. I gave deep thoughts to his counsel and decided to follow the Home inspection path. In all honesty, I thought I would be inspecting homes on Long Island for a maximum of 6 months but I have clocked over 10 years in this Career. I have enjoyed every moment and will not trade it for any experience in the world.

The average Long Island home inspector gets the opportunity to work with some of the best minds in the industry. It is easy to discover that no one who truly carries out this work with passion loses out on the good life. You will make friends, make money and build a name that will speak in posterity. There are simple rules to follow if anyone wants to stand out in this business. One of the cardinal rules is to work with integrity. It pays both in immediate terms and will keep paying you over the duration of your career. Another important aspect is the openness to learn from those who are ahead of you.

I have been fortunate in my career as a home inspector to handle various home inspections in Long Island. It has exposed me to the best equipments in the field such as Thermal imaging. I remember the first time I carried out a home inspection with Thermal imaging; it was a breeze. I could take all the shots I needed without interfering with those who were living in the house. This was a turning point in the way I carried out my job and I do not want to go back to the old ways of home inspection. I believe that this advancement in technology must be embraced with speed in order to deliver real value to the client.

picture of a cartoon inspectorWhen I look back at how the journey in Home inspection began for me, I am always filled with gratitude. At the onset, the money was not rolling in as it is today but I found peace because I was doing what I love. As my career progressed, I could not believe how much financial reward I was getting for doing the things I love. This is why I advise every young person to follow the flames in their heart. Life has a way of rewarding us when we commit to do the things that truly matter to our heart.

I was privileged to work with a company in Long Island that showed me the rudiments of the Home inspection service industry. As a way of helping the younger ones, I try to run seminars to show them the basics for a successful life as a home inspector. I believe that this career is something that is worth pursuing for those who feel called to it. I will keep standing as a strong crusader for everything that the home inspection industry represents.

Emergency Dentists

One of the best moments in my life was when I lived in Dallas, Texas. I spent a good number of years in Dallas and worked for the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros. The job was exciting as I served as a handyman and contractor for the company. The beautiful part of the arrangement was that the organization placed me on a Salary. My call included picking up some elderly patients and bringing them to their appointments. I helped out with some light networking jobs and fixed technical issues that arose with the computer systems. It was purely a fun-filled experience. I believe that I was privileged to work for one of the best organizations in Dallas, Texas.

A picture of the city of DallasDallas Emergency Dental Pros were simply in their own class. The management team was superb, the remuneration package is unparalleled and the staff was simply full of great talents. There was no way I could compare them to other local Dallas dentists such as the South Texas Dental Practice, Emergency Dental Care USA, Jefferson Dental Clinic and Emergency Dentists USA. The Company never rested on their past accomplishments. Each year I saw them draw a huge goal and we were tasked to deliver. I believe that the experience helped me to become a very focused individual. All the days I spent in Dallas were worth it due to the presence of this Company in my life.

Among the top Dallas, TX companies to work for; I would place the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros in the top 3 cadre. There was a time I decided to take stock of the entire 24 hour emergency dentist in Dallas; I realized that all the leading names had a thing with our organization. It was clear that my Company was championing the new face of emergency dental services in Dallas. I almost decided to go to Dental school to pursue a career in the practice but I discovered that it was not something that my financial muscle could muster at the time. I do not have any regrets because I enjoyed my time in Dallas.

A picture of a patient being treated at the Dallas Emergency Dental office I worked at Every Dallas Emergency Dental practice began to embrace the Internet as its popularity soared in the 90’s. I told some of my friends that any emergency dentist in Dallas that is worth their salt must embrace this new wave. I did not know so much about the growth that the Internet will witness at the time but I realized it will impact the way we live. Despite the huge strides that have been made, I believe that the Internet still holds great potentials. On a particular day, I got into a conversion with a dental assistant that worked at the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros. He told me he wanted to live in Dallas for life!

The Dental assistant has since grown to open his own practice. His office is located near the 3001 Knox street Dallas dentist. He runs one of the most efficient Dallas, Texas dental labs. I believe that his success is tied to the experience that he gleaned from the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros. He is simply a man who was able to catch the vision of what the leading names in the business do. In a sense, I served as a mentor to him and I advised him on the things he needs to do in order to be one of the best weekend dentist in Dallas. He followed my counsel and I am glad to hear the news of his rise as an emergency dentist.

There were so many awards that the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros won. They were the best run business in Dallas and one of the best brands in the whole of the United States. The Dallas Emergency Dental Pros also happens to have been voted to have the best Dallas, TX dental hygienist jobs. It was simply an unending stroke of good fortune for the business. I know a good number of dentist in Dallas, TX open Saturday and Sunday but the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros witnessed tremendous visits from patients each weekend. I will not quickly forget that the first time someone truly gave me the support to pursue my dreams was in this dental practice. I know that there is nothing that can stop me from hitting great levels of success like the Dallas Emergency Dental Pros.

Austin, Business

I am Joseph Lever! The experiences that I have gleaned in my various travels and life moments have been all-encompassing. My passion has been to build a business that gives me the rush of adrenaline each morning. I found it by starting my Austin Food Trailer business. I have looked back at the times as I kept looking for ways to share my knowledge with others. This blog holds the answer to that desire but I promise not to bore you. It will not just talk about my Food trailer projects but will discuss the various interesting places that I have visited across the United States.

The flow of energy that comes from speaking to you from my soul is unmatched. I know that this will bring the gusto and verve that will keep us going through various seasons. Life can be a drag when we choose not to be upbeat about the future. On the other hand, we can miss the magic moments if we do not appreciate past events. I will try to bring a rich blend with each post and help you step into a new league. The voice of merriment, novelty, learning and expertise will be shining through the various posts that will be shared.

I will like to ask that you fully participate in the things that I will do on this blog. It is not just a place where you can express your heart; it can serve as a channel where you can meet new buddies. The goal of this blog is to take away the seriousness of business and give you something to cheer. I have been to many places and I know what a merry heart can do to a soul. My focus will be to help you look to the bright side at each turn as we go on this journey. I heartily welcome you to my blog.